Are you (or someone you know) not insurable?

More often than I like I must tell someone that long term care insurance is not appropriate for them based on their health history. It may be determined during one of our early conversations or during the application process after review of medical notes by the insurance company. Sometimes it is one medical condition- sometimes it is a combination of issues.

If this has happened to you or to someone you know you may be asking what funds will be used to pay for long term care expenses. Where will the money come from?

  • Savings/Income Stream

  • IRA/Retirement

  • Life Insurance Cash Value

  • Home Equity

  • Home Value

The good news is that there are non-traditional plans that are available. Some of the plans are a type of insurance with less stringent medical requirements available to individuals 40-85 years of age. A few questions and you or your loved one may qualify for coverage. There are non-traditional plans that may help to offset the cost of home care, assisted living and nursing home. There are also plans that are designed to just offset the cost of care at home.

To determine which plan is best suited for you please contact us.

Agent Susan Pepe can be reached at 908-237-1425 or

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